What drew you to the RIC program?

I was drawn to the RIC program for the opportunities to conduct biological research in my undergrad, to meet like-minded individuals and connect with professionals at various levels.

If you are a senior student in the program, what research have you engaged in? Tell us what you have enjoyed most about your project(s), including any cool findings!

Throughout my time in the RIC, I have been working with natural products and looking at their effects on cancer and bacteria. I am currently looking at the ways that certain plant extracts cause aggregation of bacterial cells and the ways in which this could be implemented in the real world!

What have you enjoyed the most about the RIC program?

I have most enjoyed the experiential learning, the ability to learn hands-on in small groups and all the amazing friends I have made!

What are you planning to do after university, and has the RIC program contributed to your career plans?

I am planning to continue my current Honours Thesis project in a Master's degree. The RIC has absolutely contributed to this; I may not be working on this project without the program.

Is there anyone who has had an important influence on your experience with the program? This can be a fellow student in the RIC program, a mentor, staff or faculty.

All of the friends I met through the RIC have made this program so much more fun. All of the instructors have been incredible supports, mentors and role models for me throughout this experience. Perhaps my most important influence from the RIC is Dr. Kerneis, who is my current supervisor. She has taught me so much. I am very grateful for all the connections I have made.

What advice would you give students who are about to start their biological sciences degrees and possibly embark in research through the RIC program?

The advice I would give is to talk to everyone and try everything you can. Every person you meet will have something unique to teach you; you just have to be open to learning it.

UPDATE SEP 2022: Nadia is now an MSc student at ULethbridge.


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