What drew you to the RIC program?

I had received an invitation by mail and was interested in the opportunity to further my knowledge in research and work in a lab setting.

What have you enjoyed the most about the RIC program?

My favourite things about the RIC have been meeting new people with the same interests as me and working in the lab. In my first year, I have learned how to conduct a research experiment and how to write a proper report.

What are you planning to do after university, and has the RIC program contributed to your career plans?

Once I graduate, I plan on going into animal rehabilitation and animal education. The RIC has provided me with the skills to eventually work on animal research, further educate myself and others, and potentially look at causes to animals needing rehabilitation.

Is there anyone who has had an important influence on your experience with the program? This can be a fellow student in the RIC program, a mentor, staff or faculty.

Dr. Julie Lee-Yaw has been an amazing mentor and teacher. She has helped me improve my writing and knowledge in the field of research.

What advice would you give students who are about to start their biological sciences degrees and possibly embark in research through the RIC program?

STUDY!!! Be prepared for a lot of writing and hard work. Learn how to manage your time well, and you will succeed.


Imagine being the first to discover something about a gene, a cell, an organism or an ecosystem! In the Research Internship Concentration (RIC), students make discoveries through biological research as an integral part of your university program. Learn more about the RIC.