Dr. Mary Ingraham, Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts welcomes you home!
Oki! Hello, and welcome home Fine Arts students! Whether you are joining us here in Lethbridge or virtually from your hometowns, I am excited to welcome you into the Fine Arts family. Though things look a little different for your first semester here with us, our faculty and staff have dedicated their summer to ensuring you can gain the most engagement, experience and inspiration possible in an online world. The Fine Arts is a creative and evolving field by nature, so this crazy situation has given us the opportunity to try new things and develop new techniques, processes and ideas – thanks for joining us as we take on this adventure together. Make the most of your time with us – check out our website for ways to get involved, now and in the future, on campus and in the community. Connect with me, your faculty members, and our academic advisors with any questions or concerns. We can’t wait for the time when we can meet in person and create, perform and explore together. Until then, all the best as you embark on your academic journey.

~ Mary Ingraham, Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts

Student Resources

The Fine Arts website is full of information and resources that you will need to succeed. Familiarize yourself with departmental resources, facilities, handbooks and policies and student support services.

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Set yourself up for success in an online world with these great resources from the Student Success Centre. They’ve got tips on setting up your at-home study space, time management, preparing for online exams, writing, course and technology support and of course, resources for maintaining your personal well-being!

Academic Advisors

Academic advisors are here to support you throughout your program, not just if you are having trouble. Be sure to check in with them in your first semester and throughout your time at uLethbridge to ensure you are on track to succeed. While the office is currently closed to the public, advisors are still available by email. Contact finearts.advising@uleth.ca and include your name, program and student ID number. Due to an increase in volume during this time of year, please allow 3-5 business days for a response.

Advice from Recent Graduates

"I would encourage new students to get to know their professors, don't be afraid to ask questions, and get involved with the community. Join clubs, be an activist, go to events, take advantage of all the resources available to you as a student." ~ Kylie Fineday (BFA - Art '20), Fine Arts Gold Medal recipient
"Be involved, listen to other viewpoints, and try to understand how the world works— that, far more than the content of your classes, is what education is about. It can be hard to understand your place in the world, but sometimes by accepting that you have the ability to wander and that you aren’t lost, then you can realize that it’s not about finding a place in the world, but carving the world around yourself." ~ Jake Rose (BFA - Dramatic Arts '20)
"Put yourself out there and seek out any opportunity you can! The worst thing you can hear is the word “no,” but you never know what opportunities can arise until you try. Don’t be afraid of rejection, and let it fuel you to do better and motivate you for your next journey." ~ Ashley Schneberger (BMus '20)
"Find what you like doing and pursue that. Failing at something you were not meant to do, but you feel obligated to, has to be one of the most discouraging things to experience. Take classes that align with your passions and make that your priority. The old saying “do what you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life” is NOT true. It will be hard, there will be days you love it and days that you hate it, but never forget why you started. In recalling why you started, you rediscover your passion and that fuels you to keep going." ~ Austin Knibb (BFA - New Media '20)

Stay Connected

There are many ways to stay up to date on what’s happening in the Fine Arts and around campus. Plus, we LOVE to hear from you, our students, about your experience. Reach out and share your story any time!

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