This article is part of a 2022 Faculty of Education Legacy digitization project and was first published in Legacy 2008.

Oki Ni Kso ko wa wa ka
Kit toh ka nai ksi  ma tsim moh po wa wa

Hello my friends; I greet you all.

You are reading the first edition of what is planned as a magazine series profiling the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Education. The theme is the legacy of the past, our commitment to enduring traditions, and to a spirit of innovation responsive to challenges and change. Forthcoming editions will highlight the accomplishments of faculty members, support staff, students, alumni and our partners in teaching and related professions.

Beginning in 1967 with seven faculty members, the Faculty presently has a complement of 39 tenured or tenure-track professors. We celebrated our 40th anniversary last year, an event marked by a move to a new home in Turcotte Hall East and West. The building houses state-of-the-art math/science and computer laboratories, improved office and classroom space and allows room for further expansion.

We are extremely proud of our achievements in teacher education. Our success would not have been possible without the outstanding contributions of the many teachers who have opened their classrooms to our undergraduate students over the years. Partnership with these dedicated professionals creates a vibrant community of scholars committed to learning in all its forms. That commitment is celebrated further in our graduate programs that encourage personal growth and development in a variety of areas including pedagogy, curriculum, leadership and counselling.

The need for excellent teachers, schools and universities has never been more important. We know that the good of society requires access to an education that fosters the development of many talents and abilities; that encourages individuals to achieve their potential; that respects cultural traditions; that cultivates autonomy, open-mindedness, ethics, hope and a celebration of diversity grounded in a strong sense of our common humanity.

In a few words, education entails nurturing the life of the mind. Teachers are and have always been the guardians of that life. The Faculty of Education stands with teachers everywhere in our shared vision of a caring and just global community in which quality educational opportunities are available to all.

I hope you enjoy reading about our Faculty!

Beannachti (blessings),
Jane O’Dea, PhD
Professor and Dean of Education

This article first published in the Faculty of Education Legacy 2008.

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