A new era in scientific research and education has dawned with the official opening of the University of Lethbridge’s $280-million Science Commons.

This spectacular facility, which brings together the departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Neuroscience, Physics & Astronomy and Psychology, is designed to foster transdisciplinary research by providing exceptional opportunities for collaboration and discovery.

Setting the stage for the next 50 years of scientific discovery and education at the University of Lethbridge, Science Commons is a facility where science transcends disciplines. Large, flexible lab spaces designed with a shared-space ideology encourage collisions among researchers with diverse backgrounds and approaches. Researchers at all stages of their careers, from postdocs to doctoral, masters and undergraduate students and from kindergarten to Grade 12 will come together, sparking conversations and igniting discovery.

“What makes Science Commons so extraordinary is by the manner in which the architecture and the facility have been structured to foster research, teaching, collaborative space, public space, all in a domain that actually brings together multidisciplinary researchers and the public at large,” says Dr. Fred Wrona, chief scientist, Alberta Environment and Parks, Government of Alberta.

Already one of the country’s leading research universities, Science Commons positions the University of Lethbridge at the forefront of science research and education, inspiring the next generation of research scientists and setting the stage for an unprecedented era of discovery.