What drew you to the RIC program?

The opportunity to do hands-on research in my undergraduate years really drew me to the RIC program!

What have you enjoyed the most about the RIC program and, more specifically, BIOL 2001?

I've enjoyed getting to come up with my own ideas and questions about a topic and being able to research those ideas. In BIOL 2001, I really enjoyed the lab components.

What are you planning to do after university, and has the RIC program contributed to your career plans?

I plan to go to medical school after university and then possibly become an OBGYN (I haven't fully decided my plans following med school). The RIC will contribute to these career plans by giving me research and writing experience to help me throughout my life.

What advice would you give students who are about to start their biological sciences degrees and possibly embark in research through the RIC program?

Definitely apply to be in the RIC! It has helped me so much not only with research but in my other classes as well!


Imagine being the first to discover something about a gene, a cell, an organism or an ecosystem! In the Research Internship Concentration (RIC), students make discoveries through biological research as an integral part of your university program. Learn more about the RIC.