Bio: Louise Barrett is a professor of psychology and a Canada Research Chair in Cognition, Evolution and Behaviour. She works on the social behaviour of baboons, vervet monkeys and humans, and is interested in how body, brain and environment work together to generate intelligent behaviour. As part of the interdisciplinary research group, Lichen Lab, at the U of L, Louise is also interested in how we humans view other species and the world around us, from both artistic and scientific perspectives, and what this means for how we view our own place in the world.

Original Talk (recorded in front of a live audience Sep 26 '19)
Supercharged Apes & Supersized Minds: How to Think Like an Animal

5 Questions with Dr. Louise Barrett (recorded summer 2020)

5 questions on our place in nature, and why the “two cultures” of art and science are really just one, with Dr Louise Barrett

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