Drs. John Poulsen and Nancy Grigg leading the traditional convocation walk down the University of Lethbridge hill (Faculty of Education, Legacy Magazine archive, 2017)

Dear Class of 2021, because of our current circumstances graduation is different for you. You are convocating in a timeline unique. This pandemic threw you countless curveballs, didn't it?  But it also revealed the depth of your creativity, vision, invention, character, and resilient heart. These are words we've all heard before. But at this moment in history as you graduate and venture forward, these words—which are more than mere platitudes as presented here—for you Class of 2021, these words ring true. Each of you, so bright with authenticity and hope.

You have come through your academic journey navigating the challenges of this global pandemic. Most of you were caught mid-practicum shifting, adapting, and classroom-managing via both online and in-person. You contributed to creating a healthier classroom, teaching those aha moments, applied theory to practice in ground-breaking ways, and served as student teachers who brilliantly applied both head and heart. How can we express how proud we are of you?
We are SO proud of you Class of 2021!

Why become a teacher? Who inspired? What lessons learned? Here are some voices from the Class of 2021:
Sara Bieniada (BMgt/BEd ‘21)
Ashley Hoisington (BA/BEd ‘21)
Dominique Point du Jour (BEd '21)

We'd also like to take this time to congratulate our annual award recipients. You may find their stories here:
• Faculty of Education Gold Medal: Lacey Rose (BEd ‘21)
• Alberta Teachers' Association William Aberhart Award: Sophia Larney (BEd ‘21)
• Faculty of Education Grad Studies Medal of Merit: Kathryn Desrochers (BSc/BEd ’13, MEd ’21)

Convocation 2021 Celebration Centre ow.ly/Yqpf50F8HJe

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

Dr. Robert LeBlanc, Assistant Professor of ELA/Literacy and Jana Boschee, Instructor, Faculty of Education
Kirsten Livingstone, Library Operations Specialist, Faculty of Education
Dr. Richelle Marynowski, Associate Dean Undergraduate, Faculty of Education\
Dr. Dawn McBride, Associate Professor and Registered Psychologist,  Faculty of Education
Suzanne Hepburn, Administrative Support Student Program Services, Faculty of Education
Beth Cormier, Curriculum Laboratory Librarian/Instructor, Faculty of Education
Brenda Bell, Advisor Student Program Services, Faculty of Education

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