You are creative. You are a discoverer. You are an innovator. You understand and embrace different perspectives and world views. You are ready to take on the problems of society to build a better future for humanity than what we are seeing in the news today.

You hold a valuable degree. A degree from the University of Lethbridge. And you have achieved this at a time when you had to endure a semester of social isolation and a financial situation that has caused hardship for many. Congratulations!

As you take on all these new challenges always remember the slogan I am still learning because your journey has really just begun.

Go out. Change the world. And don’t forget about us at the University of Lethbridge!

A message to graduates from the Faculty of Arts & Science Dean's Office

We are all so proud of your accomplishments, so we asked faculty and staff to send us their congratulatory messages. These messages were released on our social channels throughout the week (June 22 - 26), but you can also view them on our YouTube playlist. Enjoy!

"In accordance with the statutes of the Province of Alberta, I hereby confer upon all candidates the degrees to which they are entitled, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto." ~ Charles Weaselhead, uLethbridge Chancellor


With support and resilience, Alicia Anderson (BSc '20) excels through adversity. Read more.
Don't discredit the electives: liberal education opens doors for Farah Rajan (BASc '20). Read more.
An off-chance meeting on the first day of NSO in 2015 led to a friendship that has sustained Nick Hassink (BSc ’19) and James Eaton (BSc ’20) throughout their undergraduate studies. Read more.
Elani Bykowski, Silver Medal of Merit (MSc)

Throughout the week, the campus community came together to share student stories and messages of congratulations. You can access them all here!

Stay in Touch
We are excited about your future and want to continue to follow your story. Please do stay in touch! We love nothing more than getting an unexpected update from one of our alumni.

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And be sure to keep your contact information up to date with Alumni Relations! It helps us all stay connected and the folks in Alumni Relations have all sorts of benefits and events to keep you involved in the uLethbridge family.

Traditional walk up the hill (2019) led by Convocation Chief Marshal, Dr. Olu Awosoga