I completed my undergraduate degree at uLethbridge and I was fortunate to have been provided with supervision, mentorship and opportunities for growth I would not have been granted otherwise, particularly during my honors work. Because I was so supported in this respect, I decided to pursue my graduate degrees at the U of L, as well.”

Lanna Petterson (BSc ’12, MSc ’15)
PhD candidate | Major: Evolution and Behaviour

“I knew that I wanted to pursue graduate studies in psychology with an evolutionary focus, and my supervisor, Dr. Paul Vasey, is both an outstanding scientist and an excellent mentor. I was welcomed with open arms by him and his lab, and everything seemed to be a natural fit. I certainly haven’t regretted my choice.”

Scott Semenyna (MSc ’16)
PhD candidate | Major: Evolution and Behaviour

Scott Semenyna (MSc '16) and Lanna Petterson (BA '12, MSc '16), were profiled in a Playboy article titled "The Next Generation of Sex Researchers Will Redefine How We Think About Sexual Orientation." The piece talks about Semenyna using cross-cultural research methods to study the prevalence of intersexual (or between-sex) competition as it relates to male same-sex attraction, and Petterson studying men who have sex with biological males.