Whats at the heart of not-for-profits?

It’s a question that’s close to Gail McKenzie’s (BMgt ’07, MSc (Mgt) ’09) own heart.

Having travelled abroad, Gail returned to Canada wanting to affect change in her own community.

Today as the executive director of 5th on 5th Youth Services in Lethbridge, she is combining her research and managerial skills to inspire the next generation.

“The not-for-profit sector in our country is so important to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to succeed in whatever way they are able,” she says. “In order to help people, organizations must be healthy and run well. I love facilitating the work that my staff is doing in the community and being a part of positive changes.”

After completing her Bachelor of Management at the U of L, Gail continued on with her Master of Science in Management. The size of the U of L and Lethbridge were a great fit for her. Plus she had made a close connection with a professor, Dr. Mary Runté, and was very excited to work directly with her.

While Gail’s research specifically focused on strategy in the not-for-profit sector, she says the program’s broad approach was very enriching.

“Being able to work on my own research was so rewarding. It was wonderful to be able to direct my learning in that way,” she says. “I also really appreciated the cohort design of the program. This allowed us to learn from each other and bounce ideas around. It also enabled me to learn about the other disciplines and research techniques that were not my focus.”

“With a graduate degree I was able to move into a management position relatively quickly that encompasses all aspects of management. I have also been able to be a part of several research projects with the research skills I learned in my program.”

Gail McKenzie
(BMgt ’07, MSc (Mgt) ’09)