Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Education

MSc Health Sciences Thesis Research: Evans is co-supervised by Dr. Jean Hallowing and Dr. Peter Kellett. His thesis research examines health care choices of Ghanaian adult immigrants in Alberta. His qualitative thesis research employs an exploratory descriptive approach to understand relevant problems faced by this immigrant population, and how decision dynamics related to cultural beliefs, health status, and social determinants influence health choices..

Career Goals: As a student, Evans feels that his success lies in approaching his studies as an already active professional. He works closely with his supervisors to gain knowledge, learn new areas of study, and to shape his career goals in an ongoing way. Evans is an active member of the MSc Health Sciences Journal Club, and is currently developing a manuscript with his student peers based on an idea sparked by several of the papers discussed in recent months. His coursework and the mentorship he has received in the Faculty have already sparked additional interests in public health, men’s health, global health, and integrative health care.