In the realm of academia, there are certain individuals who possess a tenacious spirit and an unwavering dedication to their field. Dilini Abeyrama (PhD '23), a scientist hailing from Sri Lanka, is undeniably one such individual. Her journey at the University of Lethbridge has culminated in her well-deserved achievement of the School of Graduate Studies Medal of Merit, Doctor of Philosophy.

I am so proud of myself, and this award reminds me that I should do my best and believe in myself. It is one of the best rewards for my hard work as well as one of the best gifts I could give my parents.

Meet Dilini.
Ranna, Hambantota District, Sri Lanka
Program: Doctor of Philosophy | Major: Evolution and Behaviour

Receiving the Graduate Studies Silver Medal of Merit (PhD) is a testament to Dilini's exceptional intellect and unrelenting work ethic. This prestigious recognition stands as a shining beacon of her accomplishments. Dilini's unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with her unyielding belief in herself, has propelled her to this remarkable milestone.

Throughout her time at ULethbridge, Dilini has forged unforgettable memories and embraced every moment of her academic journey. However, it is her PhD defence entitled Population Differentiation of Southern Ocean Seabirds that truly stands out as a pinnacle of achievement. The praise and affirmation she received from her peers and mentors affirmed the magnitude of her accomplishments.

Among the many influential figures in Dilini's ULethbridge journey, Dr. Theresa Burg stands out as a guiding light. Her unwavering support, mentorship, and guidance have played an instrumental role in shaping Dilini into the exceptional scientist she is today. Dilini acknowledges Dr. Burg's invaluable contributions, recognizing that without her, this remarkable feat would not have been possible.

As Dilini embarks on the next chapter of her academic career, her aspirations soar high. She envisions expanding her field of study, delving into new realms of research, and gaining further expertise to make an even greater impact. Dilini's ultimate goal is to utilize her knowledge and passion to preserve and safeguard the wonders of nature.

Congratulations, Dilini, on your extraordinary achievements! The world eagerly awaits the remarkable contributions you will undoubtedly make in the realm of scientific research and conservation.

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