Bio: Dr. Kevin McGeough started working at the University of Lethbridge in 2003 and is a professor of archaeology in the Department of Geography & Environment. Kevin holds a Board of Governors Research Chair in Archaeological Theory and Reception. He holds a BA with Great Distinction from the U of L. He also holds an MA from Harvard and a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. Kevin specializes in archaeology, history and languages of the ancient near east and the reception of the ancient near east in contemporary literature and culture. He is the author of numerous books, including a three-volume work called "The Ancient Near East in the Nineteenth Century" and a forthcoming book on the ancient world called From Griffith to Grindhouse: Representations of Antiquity in Film.

Original Talk (recorded in front of a live audience Sep 22 '16)
'I Met a Traveller From an Antique Land': The Archaeology of Progress, Decline, and Collapse

5 Questions with Dr. Kevin McGeough (recorded summer 2020)

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