Where are you from? Please share some highlights of your journey up until the time you joined the U of L?
I was born and raised in Lethbridge. Prior to starting my career with the U of L, I worked for the same retail company for 19 years. During this time, I transferred to Grande Prairie for a couple of years to facilitate a new store opening and work as a department head for the company. After returning to Lethbridge for a few years, I decided it was time to make a change in my life. I decided to return to college and begin a new career. I completed my diploma in office administration with Lethbridge College, while raising my young daughter. Shortly after graduation, I began working at the U of L.

How long have you been at the U of L and what do you do here?
I have worked at the U of L for just under seven years. When I started at the U of L, I worked in the Registrar’s Office in the transfer credit unit, as an administrative assistant. An opportunity as a student records assistant was posted, and I had to apply. I have been working in the student records unit for over six years.

What’s the best part of your job? What is the most meaningful part of your job?
The best part of my job is this time of year! Convocation always brings a feeling of celebration to my work. It gives me a great feeling of pride to be part of one of the most exciting days for a student. I feel the work that I do everyday in assisting students, faculty, and fellow co-workers is very meaningful to me.

What is your role in convocation? Please share what the hustle and deadlines are like for you and your office when it comes to convocation.
As part of my role in the student records unit, I assist with some important pieces in the convocation celebrations. I assist with creating the list of graduates for the convocation program and production of the parchments, based on each faculty’s approved grad lists. A lot of detail goes into our work to ensure a graduates’ names or designation(s) are not missed on the graduate’s parchment or in the program details. I also assist with the preparation of the parchments for the convocation conferral. During this process, accuracy is critical, to ensure the parchments can be distributed efficiently, without error. All of our work for convocation must be completed within a tight deadline, to ensure everything is ready on time. Although the U of L has not been able to host in-person ceremonies for convocation recently, I also assist with preparing grads for their ceremony day. Typically, I can be found in the atrium prior to each ceremony. I have assisted in several different areas in preparing grads before they walk up the hill, but I usually will be found distributing the appropriate graduate’s regalia hood.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? Or, alternatively, what do you enjoy doing outside of work?
In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter. We love being able to explore new roads and find new places.