Psychology is a family affair for Danelle Mantler, as both of her parents work in the field. Danelle has always found the field interesting. As her father is an alum of the University of Lethbridge, Danelle was familiar with the campus and chose ULethbridge for her undergraduate degree in psychology rather than disrupt her daughter’s life by moving to another city. She is thankful she chose ULethbridge, as the friendships she has made here have been incredibly rewarding.

Sure, marks are important, but they aren’t as important as your mental health. The occasional 60 percent won’t ruin your life; it’s still a pass.

Meet Danelle | Opening introvert. Hard worker. School mom.
Program: Bachelor of Arts | Major: Psychology

Please tell us a bit about your experiential or work-integrated learning opportunities at ULethbridge.

I did an applied study on the inclusivity of people with disabilities. I belong to the disabled community and wanted to learn more about advocating. I learned about our rights and protections. I also learned new ways to see my community. I worked with the EDI department to fight for a more accessible campus.

The best part of my job with the EDI department was teaching the staff about barriers people with disabilities face that able-bodied people would not see. Martha Mathurin-Moe, the Executive Director of EDI, was very open to learning about issues people with disabilities face and made these issues a priority to be solved. I still reach out to her when I run into an issue. I was very honoured when Martha requested I make a list of physical barriers and solutions to give to new students in their welcome package. I hope it helps students with physical disabilities feel less nervous about being on campus. It will help them get around campus in the most accessible way and plan out how to get from class to class. Having physical disabilities can be very overwhelming and tiring. I hope that the work I did with the EDI department will help lift some stress for new students and give them more time to focus on mental health and socialization.

What is your most memorable ULethbridge experience so far?

I really enjoy meeting new people at campus events. COVID and the strike limited those events; however, the friendships I’ve made are most memorable.

How have your professors impacted your education? Have any professors changed how you view the world or what you want to study?

Dr. Jennifer Mather showed me a new way to look at my community. I have had primarily professors that enhance learning.

“Danelle turned disadvantage into an opportunity for education.” – Dr. Jennifer Mather, Department of Psychology, nominated Danelle as a Shining Student.

Is there someone else who had an important influence on your ULethbridge experience?

I would not have made it this far without the Accommodated Learning Centre. I also really appreciate the custodial and maintenance staff; they have requested building modifications on my behalf and always open doors for me.

What are your hopes/plans for the future?

I would like to get my master’s so I can be a psychologist.

What is the most important lesson you have learned during your time at ULethbridge?

To go out whenever possible. It doesn’t matter if I’m alone, I’ll meet someone new.

What advice would you like to give those who are about to begin their journey at ULethbridge?

Sure, marks are important, but they aren’t as important as your mental health. The occasional 60 percent won’t ruin your life; it’s still a pass.

Quick Answers

Top things to do in or around Lethbridge? Swimming, PRIDE in the park, the Japanese Gardens

Favourite social activity at ULethbridge: Any student union event held at the Zoo

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