Meet international student and continuing Dhillon Business Students' Association (DBSA) President, Takreem Ghouri. The marketing major has spent the first two years as a Dhillon School of Business student, putting everything she has into being involved on campus. As last years' president, Takreem oversaw many successful events, including Chillin for Charity, a community thrift drive and the hot meals campaign, which helped fill the bellies of 700 students across the Lethbridge campus. Takreem says involvement in these events has been invaluable to her.

Serving as president of the DBSA has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I have learned to convey ideas clearly, listen actively and inspire and motivate others. Effective communication has been crucial in building relationships with members, collaborating with external stakeholders, and ensuring the smooth running of the association."

As Takreem embarks on her third year of education at Dhillon, she remains actively engaged in the campus culture. Even through her busy schedule, we were able to catch up with the Bachelor of Management student to learn more about her university experience so far. This is what she had to say.

Why did you choose Dhillon?

I chose Dhillon because it has a marvelous business program and faculty. The small class sizes intrigued my interest as they promote integrated learning.

How have your professors affected your education?

Professor Hamza Warraich provided a fresh outlook on my academic journey and campus life. As a new instructor last fall, he may not be aware of the profound influence he had on me. His classes were really engaging and personal. He shared his own university journey, from his undergraduate studies through graduate school to obtaining a PhD. He talked about his struggles with ADHD and how he still managed to finish his studies, ultimately securing positions at reputable universities. I strive to fight my struggles like him, eventually being able to confidently talk about them with big achievements under my belt.

What have you enjoyed most about your program so far?

The opportunity for creativity within marketing has been a true highlight. I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring various marketing strategies and techniques, developing innovative campaigns and analyzing consumer behavior. Working on group projects and engaging in class discussions with like-minded individuals has provided me with diverse perspectives and enhanced my problem-solving skills. The combination of practicality, creativity and collaboration has made my experience in the marketing program truly enjoyable. It has solidified my passion for marketing and has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in this dynamic field.

What is your favourite thing to do in or around Lethbridge?

I like going for hikes and walks around my neighborhood and the coulees around campus. I love the view of the Old Man River from the top of the coulees. The smaller city has helped me make good and fast connections, as well as lasting friendships. I really love the small knit community!

What do you plan to do with your degree?

I plan to have a digital marketing firm of my own someday. Through my education at Dhillon, I have met dozens of students and instructors who have their own businesses. This has given me a lot of perspective on how I could start my own business. Dhillon has also held very informative conferences, like the RBC Summit, featuring brilliant guest speakers like Swish Goswani and Craig Alias. This is just one example of the excellent collaboration and networking opportunities within the program. Personally, these conferences and talks resonated with me the most.

Why would you recommend Dhillon to other prospective students?

The school's exceptional academic offerings and immersive experiences have surpassed my expectations. The smaller class sizes create an intimate learning environment where professors can truly engage with each student. This tailored approach has been instrumental in deepening my understanding of complex business concepts and refining my critical thinking abilities. The small community has provided me with the opportunity to strengthen my network and connections, which is particularly crucial as a business student. The relationships I have forged with fellow students and faculty have not only enriched my academic journey but have also provided a supportive network for collaboration and professional growth. These relationships have opened doors to new opportunities and expanded my horizons.

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Each year, the Dhillon School of Business' faculty and staff nominate students who exemplify the ULethbridge student spirit. Congratulations, Takreem!