Faculty of Fine Arts graduate Kort Woycheshin (BFA - Multidisciplinary Co-op '24) was able to take part in many different experiences during his time at the University of Lethbridge. From exploring different academic disciplines through his studies, to working in several departments across the University through the co-op program, Kort is finishing his degree with a significant amount of experience, wisdom and enthusiasm for the arts.

Art is far more than being good at drawing. I discovered printmaking and analog photography and found outlets to express myself in ways I excel. This showed me the true value of taking a variety of different courses and experiences aligning with the University’s liberal education philosophy.

Meet Kort. Photographer. Observer. Dude.
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Program: Bachelor of Fine Arts - Multidisciplinary

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to make pictures and work in the darkroom and I love going to hardcore shows here in Lethbridge.

What are three awesome things about yourself?

1. I like photo books
2. I love music and have an extensive record collection
3. I collect old cameras

What is your most memorable ULethbridge experience?

I was fortunate enough to receive extensive mentorship from Art instructor Katie Bruce (BFA - Art '11). Katie helped me navigate the transition from a student to a professional and helped me discover talents and ideas I didn’t know I could achieve. This led to an exhibition of my work at the Galt Museum & Archives titled The Road To LA. Having a solo exhibition to end off my university career was the perfect way to cap off a well-rounded education.

Tell us about your Work-Integrated Learning experiences. What were your three biggest takeaways from participating?

I did three Co-op work terms at ULethbridge. Two of them were in the School of Graduate Studies/Office of Research and Innovation Services, and one was in Career Bridge. I also did two years in a Work-Integrated Learning position as a digital signage designer on the Communications, Marketing and Government Relations (CMGR) team.

My biggest takeaways from these experience is the power of forming meaningful relationships with various departments across campus and various walks of life. They enhanced not only my professional life, but personal well being. From these relationships I met people who are genuinely invested in advocating for my success and made the stress of University manageable.

What is the most important lesson you learned during your time at ULethbridge?

That art is far more than being good at drawing. I’m awful at drawing, but I loved art and never thought I could do anything with it. I discovered printmaking and analog photography and found outlets to express myself in ways I excel. This showed me the true value of taking a variety of different courses and experiences aligning with the University’s liberal education philosophy.

Is there someone specific who had an important influence on your ULethbridge experience?

Yes, Katie Bruce has been an incredible mentor and has helped me extensively during my time in Lethbridge. Austin Knibb from the CMGR team has become a true friend and has taught me an exuberant amount of things about photography and videography that went way beyond my coursework. Megan Hebert from Graduate Studies was one of the first people I’d met at the University who wasn't a professor, she has consistently helped me navigate challenges in my University life and has provided warm meals when I needed them.

I also have to mention the Fine Arts technicians, Mary-Anne, Jarret and Shelby: they have all gone above and beyond with helping me with projects and ensuring the tools I needed to create were readily available and in working order. I’d like to thank my professors Christine Clark and Leanne Elias from the New Media Department for consistently advocating for my success and pushing me to always try something new.

Did you receive scholarships and awards? How did they help you throughout your studies?

I received the Roloff Beny Award in Photographic Arts twice, the David Lanier Memorial Award twice and the Abbondánza Award twice. These awards have allowed me to explore photography through travel and the ability to practice my craft without financial barriers.

What have you gained from the liberal education experience at ULethbridge?

I took a sociology class with Dr. Kimberly Mair that really inspired my love of documentary photography. I never put the parallels between sociology and documentary work together until taking one of her courses, and it gave me a new perspective on the world. This lead to a very fulfilling independent study where I researched some of the great photographers and how their work revealed sociological ideas.

What are your hopes/plans for the future?

My hopes and plans consist of building a photography community here in Lethbridge and getting people with like-minded ideas together to create. I’d love to get people into shooting film and discovering the magic of the dark room. Maybe one day I can make a zine with these people and do a group show.

What advice would you like to give those beginning their journey at ULethbridge?

Try as many things as you can while at University. You’ll never regret taking a class, but you’ll certainly regret not taking it. Make friendships with people who inspire and excite you, you can learn a ton from people that you meet outside the classroom.
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