Inaugurated at University of Lethbridge's Spring 2003 Convocation, School of Graduate Studies Medals of Merit are awarded to graduating students from each degree program for excellence in their studies. Graduating with a Master's of Education and majoring in Counselling Psychology, Moriah Edge-Partington (MEd '24) is now a recipient of this prestigious award!

Trust the process. I remember starting my program and feeling overwhelmed at the amount of uncertainty I faced. It can be easy to get caught up in all the unknowns and lose sight of the present in the process. Reflecting on my experience, I wish I had put more trust in myself and embraced the unknown. If you are beginning your academic journey, my advice is to try your best to stay open to new experiences and trust the value of your efforts.

A lifelong learner dedicated to continuous learning and maintaining an inquisitive outlook, Moriah views this award as a testament to her research and academic journey at ULethbridge. Her thesis, "An Examination of Work-Related Stress and Resilience in Canadian Teachers," exceptionally sheds light on one of the biggest threats to education on a global scale.

One of the most important lessons I learned during my academic experience was to stay curious and open to possibility. It was this lesson that contributed to the development of my research topic and allowed me to grow my knowledge, discover opportunities and uncover new insights throughout my degree. I learned that by being curious and having an open mind, we allow ourselves the possibility of learning what we may not have otherwise.

When reflecting on the multitude of factors and individuals that influenced her time at ULethbridge, Moriah additionally expresses deep gratitude towards Dr. Thelma Gunn for her significant impact.

I was incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful supervisor during my ULethbridge experience, Dr. Thelma Gunn. Her dedication to the field helped bring my research to fruition. Dr. Gunn’s commitment to my thesis has motivated me to publish and continue with the dissemination of my research.

She further credits the lifelong friends she met in her cohort for helping create memorable experiences despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. "I was fortunate to be part of an incredibly supportive cohort who stayed connected and supported one another despite distance and adversity," she says. "I am extremely grateful to have met them as part of my program and will continue to stay connected as we progress forward in our careers."

Currently working as a registered provisional psychologist, Moriah continues to work towards the completion of her supervised practice hours. Motivated by what she describes as extreme passion for her field of work, she aims to translate her research into practical solutions, offering support to teachers navigating burnout and trauma. Moriah is additionally preparing to present her master's research at the annual Canadian Psychological Association Convention and is currently preparing a manuscript for publication.

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