An avid football enthusiast, Cody Chipman (BA/BEd '24) appreciates the essential role of grit, resilience and determination in achieving success, whether on the field or in the classroom. Having just accepted his first teaching position as a high school social studies teacher directly out of university, Cody attributes much of his success to his loved ones and support network. He now prepares to embark on yet another journey as his family eagerly awaits the arrival of a new addition.

My biggest goal is raising my children to become the best versions of themselves with a strong support system around them and to be a good husband to my wife!

Meet Cody: Tenacious. Caring. Resilient.
Hometown: Raymond, Alberta
Program: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education
Major: English/Education

What is your most memorable ULethbridge experience?

COVID times were weird for university students but definitely memorable. I also will never forget a few of the amazing professors I had in the Faculty of Education!

What is the most important lesson you learned during your time at ULethbridge?

Time management and prioritization in order to meet career and school needs while maintaining a family-life balance.

Is there someone specific who had an important influence on your ULethbridge experience?

Shout out Jenna Lowe, Aaron Stout, Charlotte Brenner, Robert LeBlanc, and Thelma Gunn! Also a massive thank you to my beautiful wife, Kinzie for making it all possible and helping out in whatever ways she could!

What are your hopes/plans for the future?

It is my hope to teach junior high or high school, as well as coach football for whichever school I’m hired at. Eventually, I would like to get my masters and then PhD to become a professor in education.

What advice would you give to those who are about to begin their journey at ULethbridge?

Make as many friends as you can! The larger your support system, the more at home you’ll feel and the more help you will have!

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