Photo credit: Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society

The Faculty of Fine Arts recognizes the significant cultural and artistic impact that Troy Emery Twigg (BFA - Theatre and Dramatic Arts ’03) had on the arts in Canada and beyond and offers its condolences to those who know him.

An accomplished dancer, actor, researcher, director and choreographer, Troy came to the University of Lethbridge as a student full of ideas and skill.

Theatre Arts professor Lisa Doolittle remembers meeting Troy in her movement class and the fantastic abilities he brought with him. Recalling fondly his drive and innovation in dance and theatre, Lisa considers him a blazing star and someone who became very important to her over the years.

As Troy went on to complete his masters research at York and teach at the Centre for Indigenous Theatre, he mentored and propelled forward many young Indigenous arts careers, further cementing himself as a central figure in Indigenous dance and theatre in Canada.

“Troy will be remembered for his efforts in crossing cultures and working with settlers while still being genuine to his own heritage. That is a really big gift that he has given to the arts in Canada, his ability to work across cultures and be a bridge builder,” Lisa says of his legacy.

Troy was essential in the creation of the Making Treaty 7 project and theatre production, in collaboration with Kainai Elder and ULethbridge instructor Narcisse Blood and Michael Green of the One Yellow Rabbit Theatre company in Calgary. He also created touring school productions about treaties and Blackfoot culture, further contributing to reconciliation.

“As one of my students put it, Troy cleared pathways so that we could all see the world a little bit differently. I really believe that’s what he did,” Lisa concludes.

To all of Troy’s friends, family and colleagues, the Faculty of Fine Arts expresses its sincere condolences. His presence and influence in the arts and his mentorship of arts students is a significant accomplishment and we deeply appreciate his legacy, which will live on in many organizations, groups and individuals.