Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a small-town Saskatchewan girl at heart. I grew up in Rosetown, Saskatchewan and moved to Lethbridge when I was 18. I had no intention of staying here. I believed it would be the transition place before I moved on to Toronto to do public relations for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Then two things happened – I met my future husband and I realized I could hardly handle the ten-minute commute in Lethbridge. Maybe the big cities are not for me. So, here I am! 

I’ve worked in post-secondary my entire career – eight years at the school across the river, and nine years here. I’ve worked in numerous departments over the years and have had the luck to dip my toes in many different areas in the post-secondary world – such as PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) and exchange coordination, recruitment, wind energy, and marketing and communications. Fun fact – I was the very first Canadian to be a certified KidWind Trainer!  

I didn’t dream of being an Assistant Registrar when I was a kid (I was certain I’d be an interior designer, corporate lawyer, sports PR wizard, but most seriously, a teacher). I think teachers hold the most important jobs on the planet, and although I learned I didn’t want to be in a K-12 classroom, I wanted to work in education. It’s incredibly ingrained in my values and I believe it’s the key to fixing problems. I also believe education isn’t tied to a classroom. The learning we do outside a classroom is as valuable as the learning that happens inside.

How long have you been at ULethbridge and what do you do here?
I started my ULethbridge journey as the Academic Calendar Editor in 2014. Prior to the pandemic, I was the Manager of Curriculum and Scheduling. Now, my job here at the University focuses mainly on student progression. I work with amazing colleagues who are dedicated to their craft and help students in their journeys every day. I’m fortunate to work alongside these teams in the SEARS office: Orientation and Transition, Information Centre, Records and Registration, Curriculum, Scheduling, and Convocation. Talk about an education – I learn from these teams every day and their expertise and professionalism is something to see!

What's the best part of your job?
The people! I really, genuinely like the people I work with.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I’m married to my awesome husband (a teacher), and we have three little people living with us – our sons – ages 8, 6, and 6. They fill my bucket. Spending time with all four of them is my favourite thing. Other bucket fillers for me include travel, time with friends and family, a good workout, fresh air and sunshine, and laughter. I love to watch live sports and concerts – loud people and loud music make me happy.