Toshi Uyesugi says the practicum experience she received in the Faculty of Education has set her up for success teaching middle school math.

My most memorable experiences have been my practicums. Connecting with the students and learning from them has been unforgettable!

Meet Toshi | Ambitious. Creative. Hardworking.
Program: Bachelor of Education | Major: Mathematics

Why did you choose ULethbridge?

I chose ULethbridge because of the high quality of the Education program.

Did you know what you wanted to study before you came to ULethbridge?

I started out taking biochemistry at the University of Alberta. When I finished that, I realized I wanted to go into teaching, so I came to the U of L.

How have your professors impacted your education? Have any professors changed how you view the world or what you want to study?

In the education program, most of my professors have made the effort to get to know me personally.

I always felt comfortable asking them questions; even now that I am finished their courses, I have reached out to a few professors to ask for advice during my practicum.

What are your hopes/plans for the future?

I hope to become a middle school math teacher!

What advice would you like to give those about to begin their journey at ULethbridge?

Connect with your classmates and professors! There are many people there to help you and those connections will help you to get through tough courses.

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