Experiential learning opportunities like the Faculty of Education professional semesters and a term in Quebec have reaffirmed a love of language learning for Joely Navarro-Bellavance.

My practicums have taught me more than I could ever learn in a classroom. Real life experiences have allowed me to learn a lot, and have helped me realize how much I truly enjoy being in the classroom.

Meet Joely | Determined. Energetic. Passionate.
Program: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education | Major: French

Why did you choose ULethbridge?

I chose the U of L because I heard their Education program had a great reputation, and I had the convenience of getting my education in my hometown.

Did you know what you wanted to study before you came to ULethbridge?

I had initially applied to do a combined degree in Education and Biology, but I quickly realized that I did not want to lose my French skills after high school, so I decided to further my knowledge by switching to French. I am forever grateful that I switched, because I discovered a great passion for language learning.

What is your most memorable ULethbridge experience so far?

My practicum placements have been by far my most memorable experiences while a student at ULethbridge.

I have had the opportunity to work under inspiring teacher mentors and administrators, and I have had the privilege to meet and teach many wonderful students. My practicums have opened up many doors for me and have been some of my most rewarding experiences.

I have also done my semester abroad in Quebec for my French degree, and it was also an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to work a job while living in Quebec, and my French skills greatly improved during those four months. I am extremely grateful to have had these experiences.

How have your professors or instructors impacted your education?

I have had professors take me under their wing when I struggled with new French concepts, and though I was frustrated with its difficulty in their past, I am now grateful my professors made me challenge myself and overcome some of my greatest language-related obstacles. I have also had such kind and caring professors in my Education classes that have inspired me to be the same kind of teacher for my current and future students.

What piece of advice would you give to future Faculty of Education students?

Do not give up! Getting into the Faculty of Education is difficult, and once you're in the Faculty the workload can be extremely overwhelming. Persevere and put as much effort as possible into your classes and practicum; the students will make all the hard work worth it!

What are your hopes/plans for the future?

I hope to teach French Immersion in Lethbridge after graduating. I can't currently make any conclusions about what grade-level I am hoping to teach, because I haven't had a chance to experience teaching older students yet.

My overall hope is to help my students build an appreciation and desire to learn, to help develop their French skills and above all, have a positive impact on their lives and futures.

Quick Answers

What are three unique facts about yourself?
1. French used to be my least favourite subject.
2. I have lived in Lethbridge my entire life.
3. I have a pet hedgehog.

What is your favourite place on campus?
Science building study rooms! The big windows and the bright light keeps me sane.

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