The Chinner Wealth Management Group has joined forces with Jessica Joss (BMgt '03, CPA, CA, CFP) and moving forward their combined entity will be known as the Chinner Joss Wealth Advisory Group aka CJ WAG. The Chinner's say "This is a very exciting undertaking for our team. We will all benefit from Jessica’s expertise and experience." Jessica’s varied experience ranges from bean counting to bull wrangling. Growing up in a small farming community, she's "learned the value of working hard and giving back."

After high school she attended the University of Lethbridge and graduated with a Bachelor of Management with a major in Accounting. She moved to Calgary where she articled with an international accounting firm and obtained her CPA and CA designations. After a brief move to the United States, she knew she needed to come back home to Southern Alberta.

Six years ago, Jessica realized that accounting wasn’t for her. Instead of looking at financial information from the past, she wanted to help people plan for the future. She switched industries, obtained her Certified Financial Planner designation and hasn’t looked back. One of Jessica’s favorite quotes is by Brene Brown – “What you know matters, but who you are matters more”. Jessica has been referred to as a Social Participator since age 5 and continues to uphold the title. She currently serves on the National board of YWCA Canada and has been recognized by the Chamber of Commerce as Top 40 Under 40. She also participates in many events and fundraisers around town from Chamber events, to golf tournaments, auctions, and the local arts.

The Chinner's say "Adding a team member like Jessica with the experience, expertise, personality, commitment to both client service and to serving our community, is paramount to our combined success moving forward." They continue, "It is refreshing to have new ideas, new strategies and new resources to solve our client’s needs. We are thrilled to have Jessica joining us."

This is an exciting time for the Chinner Joss Wealth Advisory Group and we woud like to extend our congratulations to Jessica!