The Dhillon School of Business is pleased to announce Dr. Matt Rahimi as the inaugural Director of DSB Link, effective immediately. Rahimi has been a sessional faculty member with the Dhillon School of Business at the Calgary Campus since 2012 and holds a BSc in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tehran, and an MBA and PhD in Operations and Strategic Management from the University of Calgary.

Rahimi’s position was created to oversee DSB Link, a new business development and experiential learning initiative that will be housed within the Dhillon School of Business. DSB Link will act as a hub where all stakeholders including students, faculty, alumni and community partners can meet, explore and develop new ways of working together. Most importantly, it will build on the school’s foundation of community engagement and learning through experience to support innovation in post-secondary learning.

“When we put out the call for the Director of DSB Link we were looking for someone with an entrepreneurial mindset and industry experience who also understands the world of teaching and research,” says Dhillon School of Business Associate Dean, Kelly Williams-Whitt. “We found all of that in Matt and are very excited to have him on board as well as looking forward to implementing some exciting new initiatives.”

Rahimi is enthused to note the DSB Link position fits perfectly with his teaching and industry experience.

"Working with students on their applied projects, on co-operative education opportunities and through experiential learning have been part of my teaching approach throughout my academic career,” he says.

Rahimi’s areas of academic research and teaching include strategic management, operations management and technology, and innovation management. He also has industry experience working in the energy sector and with multi-stakeholder groups in the areas of technology development, assessment, verification and commercialization.