Dr. Robert Wood, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences

On behalf of all professors, instructors, and staff in the Faculty of Health Sciences, I extend my most sincere congratulations to our graduates on this day of convocation! As future health professionals and health researchers, the valuable contributions you will make will serve the well-being of people, our communities, and our society. How rewarding it must be to know that you are transitioning to meaningful careers, or to new educational opportunities, which make our world a better place! I hope this will be a day of joy, reflection, and pride for each and every one of you.

With best wishes,

Robert Wood, PhD
Dean and Professor
Faculty of Health Sciences

Graduate Nelly Sana has her sights set on a career in public health

Nelly (Cornelia) Sana (BHSc '21) was working full-time as an LPN and part-time as a nursing skills evaluator through Lethbridge College when she enrolled in the U of L's Bachelor of Health Sciences program. Her goal is to have an impact on health before illness occurs.

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Support was key to helping these Master of Nursing students overcome challenges

Working on the front lines of health care during the COVID-19 pandemic has been exhausting and stressful, but a group of eight nurses at uLethbridge pursued a Master of Nursing degree at the same time. Meet five of these dedicated and inspiring nurses.

Dawn Power (top row, left), Kira Scott, Lisa Zoeteman, Melissa Findlay (bottom row, left) and Nicole Gibson persevered to complete their Master's of Nursing.

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