Everything I was learning in class was applicable to the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic; it has truly changed life as we know it. It was perfect timing and an amazing experience to be able to share what I was learning with those around me. It was reassuring, for sure.

~ Zaynab Enayetullah
Bachelor of Health Sciences student
Major: Public Health

Why did you choose to study public health?

When I was in grade 11, I did a project comparing healthcare in Canada to healthcare in a developing nation. Before that class, I had always seen healthcare only as treatment, but there is so much more involved in keeping a population healthy or preventing the disease from starting in the first place. I really enjoyed studying preventative medicine, so I looked for programs and uLethbridge has one of the only undergraduate programs in Canada in public health.

How did you know you were studying the right program?

I took epidemiology during the spring 2020 term and it was one of my favourite classes! Epidemiology focuses on the distribution and determinants leading to disease. This was right when COVID-19 was gaining momentum and I made so many connections from the classroom to real life. I’d never experienced that before.

How has liberal education played a role in your program?

It helps to have a broad knowledge of different subjects because you end up applying them in many situations. I learned a lot of valuable information in my cultural anthropology course that I ended up applying to my program. Public health is about population health; all groups need to be represented so you can provide everyone with the best kind of health care. Canada is a multicultural country; when dealing with people, we cannot take the same approach with everyone. We have to deal with people from different cultures with sensitivity.

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uLethbridge public health student Zaynab Enayetullah