Taylor's journey in work-integrated learning began with an applied study project in spring 2023, sparking her passion for urban planning and decolonization. Despite initial doubts, she thrived in a summer internship, excelling in research on collaboration best practices. Empowered by her experiences, Taylor embraced an eight-month co-op focused on labour market challenges. Taylor's story exemplifies perseverance, passion, and excellence in WIL.

"As students, we have the power to shape our future. Through collaboration and dedication, we can bridge the gap between theory and practice, leaving an indelible mark on our communities."

Meet Taylor | Resilient. Visionary. Empathetic.
Program: Bachelor of Arts | MajorUrban & Regional studies
Hometown: Lethbridge, AB

Succeeding through Work-Integrated Learning

It all began during the spring of 2023, when Taylor delved into an applied study project exploring anti-colonial and inclusionary approaches to community engagement and urban design. Despite initial doubts, Taylor's dedication and insight illuminated the project, infusing academic theories with practical solutions for the City of Lethbridge.

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"My first experience in a professional setting was daunting. I grappled with imposter syndrome, questioning if I was the right fit for the task at hand. But with guidance from mentors and supervisors, I learned that doubts are a natural part of growth."

Throughout the journey, Taylor's passion for urban planning and commitment to decolonization blossomed.

"I was driven to understand how municipal planners navigate personal beliefs and political landscapes. This curiosity fueled my pursuit of knowledge and shaped my academic endeavors."

Taylor's thirst for real-world experience led her to a summer internship with the Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy and the City of Lethbridge. Here, Taylor's research prowess shone brightly, as they explored best practices for collaboration between cities and post-secondary institutions.

"The internship was an eye-opening experience. I saw firsthand the complexities of partnership-building and the importance of bridging academia with practical solutions. It was a pivotal moment in my journey."

Empowered by experience, Taylor embraced an eight-month co-op with the City of Lethbridge focused on understanding labour market challenges. With determination and diligence, Taylor not only contributed to groundbreaking research but also played a vital role in securing funding for the project.

But Taylor's impact extended beyond the confines of her workplace. Taylor became a beacon of inspiration for fellow students, advocating for the importance of WIL and fostering peer-to-peer mentoring initiatives.

"I have learned a great deal about myself in the workplace and as a professional in my position as a Mitacs Research Intern. I have been able to apply my academic knowledge and skills to address research topics regarding labour market change and sustainability within Lethbridge."

As Taylor's journey continues to unfold, her story serves as a blueprint for success in work-integrated learning. With perseverance, passion, and a commitment to excellence, every student can embark on their own transformative journey, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

My advice to other students considering participating in Work-Integrated Learning?

I would say do it. Although it may be scary, or you may think that you can’t do it, I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised with yourself and what you learn. With this too, I think it’s important to be open to new experiences and kind of ‘go with the flow’ of it all.

I think sometimes we can be quite rigid in what we think we want or what we want our outcomes to be; however, there is something beautiful in the process of learning something brand new or something that we never thought we’d be interested in.

So, my biggest advice would be to lean into the experience, learn to advocate for your needs, and enjoy the process!