Taylor Dunning-Horvath discovered a love for teaching others to go along with his love of math and science at ULethbridge, leading him to the combined degrees program.

Originally I was pursuing just a physics degree, but after a few years I decided I should try out education as I felt I’d enjoy teaching physics more than writing physics papers and labs.

Meet Taylor | Creative. Hardworking. | Hometown: Wetaskiwin, AB
Program: Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education | Major: Physics/Science

"Taylor demonstrates a deep commitment to the Ethics of Care in his classroom and is focused on reaching all his students by coming to know their strengths and interests, and designing ways to connect the Alberta Curriculum to those passions," says Dr. Doug Checkley (BSc/BEd ’05, MEd ’10, PhD ’20), instructor and assistant dean of field experiences for the Faculty of Education. "For example, Taylor has embraced using assessment and instructional strategies that integrate hip-hop culture into his classroom as a means of engaging and connecting with students."

Why did you choose to pursue Education at the University of Lethbridge?

I originally came to the University of Lethbridge seeking a degree in physics. Part way though my program I decided I would try out education, and fell in love with it.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

In high school, I had some amazing science and math teachers who influenced me to pursue my physics and education degrees.

What is your most memorable ULethbridge experience so far?

My practicum experiences have been the most memorable. From a grade 5 classroom in PS I to two very different high schools in PS II and PS III, the range of different experiences will stick with me and influence my teaching career moving forward.

In PS II, I was placed in a science classroom that gave no tests. This showed me the reliability and viability of ‘grade-less’ classrooms. In PS III, I was placed in a school that is very summarize test focused. My experiences have been polar opposites. These two very different experiences have encouraged me to pursue an independent study, where I will investigate the range of different assessment models in STEM education.

Are there any faculty members who have made a big impact on your time at ULethbridge?

Absolutely, yes! Many of the education professors and instructors are amazing. The most influential instructor I’ve had was Dr. Doug Checkley. His ability to make connections with his students is incredible and is something I hope to recreate with my students.

What piece of advice would you give to future Faculty of Education students?

When you first enter the education program, it seems like a lot during those weeks before your practicum. And while you will definitely be busy, as long as you put the effort into the classes they really aren’t that difficult. Good luck, future teachers!

What excites you most about becoming a teacher?

Being able to transfer my love for math and science to my students.

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