I spent about a year researching schools and programs before moving to Calgary. I've always enjoyed learning and challenging myself and pursuing a degree in public health seemed like the perfect opportunity to broaden my knowledge and gain a unique perspective on healthcare. In the end, it was an easy decision to attend Ulethbridge.

Meet Ladan | Motivated. Compassionate. Hard-working.
Program: Bachelor of Health Sciences | Major: Public Health

How have your professors impacted your education?
My academic writing professor, Daniela Fontenelle-Tereshchuk, played a significant role in boosting my confidence in writing and presenting. Her continuous encouragement and challenges throughout the semester allowed me to excel in her class, as well as in my other courses. Daniella also sparked my interest in research, a field I am now actively pursuing in my career. In addition, I have had the privilege of being taught by Adam Betzelt twice, who has had a tremendous impact on my education. His passionate teaching style has made learning easy and applicable to my daily life. Adam is one of the most supportive and understanding professors at the university, and I am grateful for his mentorship.

 In your free time, what do you like to do?
During my free time, I love to ice skate and dedicate two to three sessions per week to practice while also taking classes to improve my skills! Volunteering is a significant part of my life that I enjoy doing. I am a team lead volunteer at BeTheChangeYYC, an organization dedicated to serving the homeless population. During my shifts, I lead a group of volunteers in providing essential necessities like food, water, harm reduction, hygiene supplies and referrals to Calgarians struggling with homelessness. I also respond to medical emergencies such as overdoses and offer wound care.

This experience has been profoundly transformative, as it allows me to give back and use my knowledge/skills to make a tangible difference in my community by advocating for those without a voice and striving for health equity and awareness.

 What are your hopes and plans for the future?
I am hoping to pursue a master's degree in public health, while also furthering my education in health care. Ultimately, my goal is to dismantle structural and systemic barriers to ensure that marginalized groups have access to the care they need and deserve. 

What advice would you like to give those about beginning their journey at ULethbridge?
If you're starting your academic journey at ULethbridge, my biggest advice would be to make the most of the resources available to you. Take the time to communicate with your academic advisors, attend office hours and build a relationship with your professors. Also don't forget to take care of yourself along the way and make time for things that make you happy.