Grant Skoretz took a love for physical activity and sports and is turning it into a combined degree is Kinesiology and Education at ULethbridge. He hopes to share that passion with students as he enters the teaching field.

Supporting students to chase their aspirations and goals and helping students improve and gain knowledge and understanding excites me the most as a future teacher.

Meet Grant: Hardworking. Passionate. Outgoing.
Program: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education | Major: Kinesiology/Physical Education

"I've taught Grant in two different classes over two years," says Dr. Sandy Bakos, assistant professor in the Faculty of Education. "He arrives in class each day with a positive attitude, open mind and a willingness to help. The quality of his work in my classes has been excellent and his contributions to the group are always thought provoking."

Why did you choose to pursue Education at the University of Lethbridge?

I heard that the University of Lethbridge had an awesome education program.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

During my educational journey, there were a couple of teachers whom I truly admired as role models. These teachers demonstrated how their role can influence students to make good decisions in and out of the classroom. I hope to represent a positive role model that students can look up to as well. 

What is your most memorable ULethbridge experience so far?

My most memorable ULethbridge experiences so far have been both my education practicums. First, I taught a Grade 4 class at St. Patrick school in Lethbridge and then I taught K-12 Physical Education out in Lundbreck. I loved both schools and learned a lot as a teacher.

I taught a light and colour lesson in a Grade 4 science class. My favourite part was when I challenged the students to race the speed of light. They were positive that they were faster. Courageous students tried their best to run as fast as they could and touch the far wall before the light from a flashlight would shine up the wall. Fortunately, they learnt a great lesson which is light is faster than all fourth graders, it's even faster than Mr. Skoretz. A great learning moment done in a fun and active way.

How have your professors or instructors impacted your education?

My professors at the University of Lethbridge have impacted my education journey with their outstanding knowledge and continued support. Dr. Sandy Bakos is one Faculty of Education professor who has made a big impact on my educational journey so far. She has created a classroom environment where everyone is excited to learn and share their point of view. Sandy makes learning fun and encourages students to try new things, take risks and believe in themselves. Her humour, organization skills, and non-stop support have made our math for non-major class one of my favourites.

What piece of advice would you give to future Faculty of Education students?

My advice for future Faculty of Education students is to ask questions, make some future teacher friends, share your thoughts in class and be willing to lend a helping hand. I think it is important to take care of your wellness and participate in a hobby outside of school to decrease your stress.

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