Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was born and raised in Bangladesh. After completing high school, I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to pursue an eight-month long program in UCSI University (former name Sedaya International College). I came to Canada as an international student in 2003 to pursue my BSc in Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan. It was completely a new and challenging adventure for me, especially the first winter in Saskatoon. That winter was so harsh; still, I could remember those winter mornings walking to campus. One morning I went to a class and the temperature was -55C.  In September 2004, I decided to transfer credit from the University of Saskatchewan to the University of Lethbridge. Who knew another weather surprise was waiting for me!! Windy city!!  I am glad I choose wind rather than severe prairie cold. My friends used to joke that I kept some stones in my backpack so the wind could not fly me away. In 2010, I joined Shaw Communication as a technical specialist in Calgary, right after graduation-but only for seven months because the big crowds of such a big city never attracted me that much. Then I returned to my favourite city with a job opportunity with my loving U of L campus. Since then, I have lived in Lethbridge and consider it my second home as I feel a special connection with Lethbridge. My daughter (Mehnaz) and twin boys (Ayaan & Aariz) were born here, and I believe Lethbridge is one of the good places to raise my lovely kids.

How long have you been at ULethbridge and what do you do here?
Since 2011, I am with ITS – Delivery and Support. As a member of the desktop support team, one of my most important responsibilities is to ensure all the computer labs and computer stations on campus are functioning properly. I also provide different kinds of technical support to our valuable clients (faculties, staffs, students and others). In addition, when our Solutions Centre team and Classroom Support team need help, I also provide my assistance.

What's the best part of your job?
The best part of my job as desktop support team member is to show that we are here to support our university community with any technical issues. I get to meet many new people every day and I learn and challenge myself in many good ways.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Spending time with my wife and kids after work is the most precious time for me. Hiking, photography and travelling are our favourite family activities. Waterton Lakes National Park, Mount Fernie provincial park, Banff National Park and Kananaskis are our favourite hiking spots. My kids are involved in different after-school activities and clubs, which take up the majority of our spare time. In my spare time, I also like to socialize and exchange cultures with our community people.