If you’re looking to take a deep dive into research and get ahead in the world of health sciences, the University of Lethbridge is the place for you.

That’s because ULethbridge is ranked as one of the most research-intensive universities for its size in Canada. And when it comes to furthering your knowledge in health sciences, that counts for a lot.

The Master of Science (Health Sciences) is a research-focused master's degree that allows you to develop the skills and knowledge to conduct high-quality research and pursue research approaches and topics that fit with your interests.

The two-year, full-time program includes courses in research methodologies, advanced statistics and advanced qualified analysis. While not required, experience in research methodology and statistics is beneficial for this program.

The central requirement of the program is the successful completion of a thesis under the direction of an academic supervisor and thesis committee. It’s this hands-on support, as well as the breadth and depth of knowledge of the faculty, that will go a long way to helping you reach your goals.

Just ask MSc student Suha Damag, a self-professed passionate researcher who received the support she could count on right from the start.

“The atmosphere of the university was very supportive, and I was able to connect with professors and welcoming advisors who made the experience very successful,” says Damag.

The program’s commitment to top-notch research is reflected in the scope of work undertaken by its faculty, who have active research programs examining health, wellness and quality of life within a variety of populations, in addition to research in health systems, services and policies – all areas and methodologies of research in which MSc students are actively engaged.

Throughout the program, you will learn the applied research skills and gain the research experience needed to compete for careers in government, industry, health care, non-profit organizations, and universities or to further your education through a PhD.

To learn more about how to further your career in the field of health sciences, visit the University of Lethbridge’s Faculty of Health Sciences.

The Faculty of Health Sciences provides superb evidence-informed health education that embraces complementary approaches, is creative in its application and unique in its perspective.

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