Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I grew up in Coaldale and attended ULethbridge after high school. My plan was to move to a bigger city right after university (I envisioned working at an advertising agency and living in a downtown studio apartment – ha!) but I unexpectedly landed a job in my field here in Lethbridge during my last semester and decided to stay.

How long have you been at ULethbridge and what do you do here?
This month, I celebrated 20 years at ULethbridge. I began as an Alumni Relations Officer. It was a great team; there was always something interesting on the go and I really enjoyed connecting with all the alumni. I held that position for 10 years and then moved over to the Student Success Centre as the Tutoring Program Coordinator for the opportunity to work directly with students.

In my role now, I oversee the Student Success Centre and all the programs and activities within it. This includes conducting learning strategies appointments, offering a range of study skills presentations, working with faculty to coordinate course tutorials and help centres, and leading a talented team of 30+ student-staff in various roles.

I’ve also been involved with convocation in a number of ways over the years — first as a graduate. I was part of a small cohort that graduated in the one and only Winter Convocation ceremony held during the month of February. Now that I know all that goes into pulling off this event, I can certainly understand why they decided not to host it again.

When part of the Alumni office, I would assist with parchment framing after each ceremony and help organize the alumni award events.

The past few years, I’ve volunteered to assist with the gym floor activities. This means ensuring everything is set up and where it needs to be on the platform, letting the Platform Marshal know of any last-minute changes to the program, and greeting each graduand for one last check before they walk onto the stage. The goal is to make each ceremony look as seamless as possible, even though there’s a flurry of activity happening behind the scenes.

What's the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is working with students. I know most people say that, but it’s true. Isn’t that why we’re here doing what we do? I hope to make a positive impact, whether by helping students think more deeply about their learning or developing mentorship skills in our tutorial leaders. And, while my role is to provide guidance to students, I often find myself learning something new from them.

One of the best parts of convocation is when I get to see and congratulate the students whom I’ve supervised or met with over the years. I’m just so proud of each of them!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Right now, my kids keep me busy with their sports and activities, but this summer I’m looking forward to taking a couple of road trips, spending time outside, reading a few good books and enjoying a bit of golf, too.