Shining Student Leah Evans is celebrated for her artistic practice, receiving several significant awards and scholarships to further her professional development. As she grows her talent through experiential learning opportunities, Leah is making sure her ULethbridge education prepares her for what's to come.

The experience provided by the Roloff Beny Foundation Photographic Award was irreplaceable and has greatly impacted my photographic practice and approach.

Meet Leah. Creative. Inquisitive. Impassioned.
Program: Bachelor of Fine Arts - Art | Major: Art Studio

Why did you choose to pursue fine arts at ULethbridge?

I chose to pursue fine arts at ULethbridge for the small class sizes, which allow for more one-on-one discussion and critique with professors and colleagues. I also choose to study at ULethbridge for the individual studios for senior studio students.

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What inspires your artistic/musical practice?

My practice is inspired by memory, photography and music. I often reference the pictorial in my work through old family albums or photos which I take myself. Photographs inspire a number of my paintings, with additional ideas presenting themself in the painting process to change or reinforce the context behind the original inspiration.

Did you know what you wanted to study before you came to ULethbridge? Has your academic plan changed since you began your studies?

Yes, I entered the University planning to pursue a combined degree in Education with Fine Arts. I switched into art studio last spring.

What is your most memorable ULethbridge experience?

Having my own studio to work in for Senior Studio I and the Open Studio event our class hosted.

How have your professors or instructors impacted your education?

My professors have shown incredible support in my artistic practice and development, and have been there for me in times of need.

Have you received any scholarships and awards?

I have recently received the Gushul Studio Residency Award, Roloff Beny Foundation Photographic Award and the Excellence in Art Studio Award.

These scholarships will create experiences for me and further my artistic development in ways that wouldn’t have been possible without the financial support.

Tell us about your experiential or work-integrated learning opportunities at ULethbridge and how these have enhanced your education?

I completed my Gushul Studio residency this past May, and returned from a trip to New York City to engage in street photography supported by the Roloff Beny Foundation Photographic Award.

During my Gushul Studio residency, I primarily worked on a series of for paintings, but also spent time shooting film around Blairmore and pressing wildflowers. The paintings branched out from my initial inspiration for the residency of a focus on human bodies in isolation. They connect to previous pieces I have done while also exploring new conceptual ground. Attending the Gushul Studio residency allowed me to focus on my artistic practice and engage with painting to an extent that I had never been able to do previously.

My New York photography trip was focused on street photography of human interaction. I mostly took candid images, but more memorably I was able to meet, engage and lastly photograph a number of interesting and wonderful people throughout the city. I was able to quickly build more confidence behind the camera, and have never been so in love with photography as I was in New York. While in the city I also visited a number of art galleries and museums, such as the International Centre of Photography and the MoMA. Visiting these institutions was so incredibly inspiring for me as an artist.

The experience provided by the Roloff Beny Foundation Photographic Award was irreplaceable and has greatly impacted my photographic practice and approach.

What are your hopes/plans for the future?

I hope to pursue my Masters degree in studio art once I have graduated.

What advice would you like to give those about to begin their journey at ULethbridge?

Spend lots of time in the studio and don’t be afraid to make the art you want to make.

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