Acknowledging that increased financial support is critical in ensuring a university education remains an option for more students, the University of Lethbridge Board of Governors pledged $10 million in match funds for the establishment of new endowed student scholarships in 2022.

The funds, which will be used to attract and inspire philanthropic support from the community for student awards and scholarships, will significantly increase the sustainability of the ULethbridge awards program and lay a strong foundation for the future.

“Our students are at the centre of everything we do here, and student support and the student experience have long been hallmarks of ULethbridge,” says Board of Governors Chair Dean Gallimore (BMgt ’84). “What is available to our students is an enriching experience across a breadth of programs and majors, and one that prepares them as critical thinkers and global citizens. We see this endowment of funds as a means to remove barriers and allow more students the opportunity to pursue their passions and realize success.”

By offering $10 million in match contributions, the University is aiming to build a significant base of support that will unlock opportunities for future generations of students. It will allow ULethbridge to further attract, retain and reward diverse and promising students now and for generations to come.

“I applaud the board for this substantial commitment, which will have both an immediate and everlasting impact on the University’s mission to educate students as adaptive learners and strong-minded community leaders,” says ULethbridge’s former president and vice- chancellor, Dr. Mike Mahon.

This pledge is a vote of confidence in what we do, who we are as a university and the future that is before us.

Scholarships and awards play a key role in student success. For some, scholarships are the incentive and reward for hard work and dedication, community service or athletic excellence. For others, scholarships relieve the financial burden post- secondary education can place on themselves and their families, and in some cases, scholarship funds create access and make the dream of attending university possible.

“I have had the opportunity to speak to many of our students who have received scholarships over the years and the difference it makes in their lives is substantial,” says Mahon. “So many speak of how scholarship support allows them to focus on their studies, pursue their passions and really embrace the full university experience.”

Campaign Leadership

Photo: (L-R) Campaign Chairs Dr. Janice Varzari, Roland Labuhn, Terry Whitehead and Bernadine Boulet

A distinguished group of alumni and community leaders are championing the student scholarship initiative and are helping to build a plan to move it forward. Chancellor Emerita Dr. Janice Varzari (BN ’90, MEd ’02, LLD ’21), Chancellor Terry Whitehead (BA ’94), Bernadine Boulet (BEd ’88) and Roland Labuhn (BMgt ’90) have all been selected as outstanding ambassadors for the University.

“These scholarships will help people who may be in a difficult situation get access to post- secondary education, or maybe they will be used to accelerate the path current students are already on. The beauty of this campaign is it can follow many channels — it’s all about helping students get to where they want to be.”
- Roland Labuhn (BMgt ’90), Campaign Chair

“I want to see this campaign improve accessibility so that more students get assistance with their education. People who make a donation, even a small donation, will see that gift grow and make a difference thanks to the match funds.”
- Dr. Janice Varzari (BN ’90, MEd ’02, LLD ’21), Honorary Campaign Chair

“You can make a difference in a student’s life when they receive a scholarship, even if it’s not a big scholarship. That student will go on to have a positive impact in our community and our province in the future. By giving, you can inspire others to give too.” - Bernadine Boulet (BEd ’88), Campaign Chair

“The need for student financial support is greater than ever. If an alumnus or a member of our community has never donated before, this is a wonderful time to make that first donation as it will be leveraged significantly.” - Terry Whitehead (BA ’94), Campaign Chair

Together, we inspire leaders, innovators, thinkers and doers.

Learn more about giving at ULethbridge and the Board of Governors’ $10 million pledge to match funds for the establishment of endowed student scholarships.

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