This past month, 16 teams of University of Lethbridge Dhillon School of Business students took part in the annual intercampus KPMG Case Competition.

Business case competitions allow Bachelor of Management students to apply what they've been learning in their courses to find solutions for real-life business problems in a simulated environment.

This year marked the first time the KPMG Case Competition took place virtually using a gamified simulation software from GoVenture. In previous years students provided written solutions to a case-based business problem and presented the solutions to a panel of judges. This year, teams acted as CEO of a simulated company over a two week period. The business decisions the team executed each day as company leaders impacted the game world for everyone. Just like in the real economy, decisions such as product price and strategy, inventory management, even benefits provided to their fictional employees had consequences and students had to consistently pivot as a result. Every day it was a race to strategize and win market share and profit.

To see this year's case overview, the winners as well the strategy of the winning team, watch the video below:

The benefits students get while participating in immersive case competitions like the KPMG Case Competition are substantial: they get to demonstrate their critical and creative thinking as they assess, manage and then present on business problems; they get to learn about themselves, their resiliency, resourcefulness and how well they work with others in a professional environment; and they get a taste of what being a global citizen is like as they simulate change in local and global communities. The competition is also a fantastic addition to a student's resume as a simulated business experience.

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