According to Randstad, one of the world’s largest HR firms, health care is one of the fastest growing sectors, with demand likely continuing following the heightened profile and importance of public health professionals as a result of COVID-19.

Echoing Ranstad’s projections, Statistics Canada’s January 2021 Labour Force Survey reported that, while employment declined and the unemployment rate rose in most sectors, employment numbers were up in health care, with the number of people working in the field increasing.

Rise of technology equals rise in need

The global pandemic isn’t the only thing that has increased the demand of public health professionals. The rise of new tools and technologies has also played a part in changing their prominence, along with their roles.

That’s because public health professionals are using new technologies to solve complex health problems facing local and global communities, and as the field continues to evolve, the need for public health practitioners with relevant skills and training increases.

There’s no shortage of directions you can take to help solve those problems, with public health careers ranging from infectious disease control analyst and program evaluator to biostatistician and air quality specialist.

Array of career possibilities

One thing public health professionals have in common is a desire to improve the health and wellness of individuals and communities, making the world a healthier place by controlling infectious diseases, promoting healthy lifestyles, and preventing injuries and illness.

Which means that whether your skills belong in the community, in a lab or in an office, public health has something for you.

In fact, according to Careers In Public Health, the field of public health is so expansive, you may have a difficult time pinpointing the most rewarding and lucrative professions within the field.

“Public health offers a broad array of career possibilities that will suit many types of people with all sorts of skills. No matter if you are interested in doing research, crunching numbers or helping people one on one, you will be able to find an exciting and rewarding career in public health.”

According to the website, the top five most popular careers in public health are:

  • epidemiologist
  • biostatistician
  • public health educator
  • public health nurse
  • environmental health scientist

Wherever your interests lie in the public health field, you can rest assured that a growing need, along with a new appreciation of the skills and expertise public health professionals possess, means future job prospects look promising.

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