Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was born in Sparwood, B.C. and I moved to Lethbridge in 1992 and have lived here ever since. After high school, I enrolled at Lethbridge College and joined the local Army Reserve unit, the 20th Independent Field Battery. I left college in my second year so I could complete a tour in Afghanistan in 2009-2010. When I came home, I went back to Lethbridge College for a diploma in business administration with a major in management. 

After finishing my diploma, I went to work for the college in 2016. I was in academic timetabling for three years before moving into Health & Safety there. I was in the position during COVID-19, trying to navigate all the changes and challenges of managing the pandemic at the college while also completing my Bachelor of Business Administration remotely through NAIT.

After getting through the pandemic, I decided to try my hand working in the private sector but found that I missed working in post-secondary and was lucky enough to find an opportunity here at the University.

I am really looking forward to seeing more of what the University does and offers and where I can fit in to help support the University community.

How long have you been at ULethbridge and what do you do here?
I started at the University at the end of October 2023 so I am still quite new and trying to learn about the University, the programs it offers, and the research conducted here.

As a Health and Safety Advisor I am looking forward to working with different departments and areas to help with any safety matters they may have and find solutions that work for everyone to maintain and improve health and safety across the campus.

What's the best part of your job?
Health and Safety is very interesting to me because of the different aspects. Looking at fields such as radiation, biosafety, and psychological health and safety provides me with many different opportunities for learning and experience. I also enjoy being able to work collaboratively with different parties and finding unique, custom solutions that will work in the short and long term.

What do you enjoy doing outside work?
I have always had a keen interest in history, so I am usually reading about history, listening to podcasts, or watching YouTube videos or documentaries on a variety of historical topics. I also enjoy true crime podcasts or watching crime-related TV shows when I can through streaming services.