1. Make a Routine: Just like a regular day, creating a routine that balances work, home, family and wellness is going to be so important to keep all areas of your life on track. This is especially true for those of you who are now working from home with your spouse, kids or roommates. Maybe organizing a daily 9am-check-in call with your team will help get your day started on a positive note!

2. Get dressed: It is so easy to just start working in your PJ’s but by ensuring you get ready for the day, you are tricking your brain into knowing that it’s now “work time.” Hopefully this will also help you to separate work and home even when you are in the same space. Plus, that way you are ready for any last-minute team video calls!

3. Take some time to get outside: A quick walk around the block, a stroll with your pups or even just a few minutes soaking up that Vitamin D can do wonders for your mental health and productivity. Check out all of the local businesses offering virtual workouts – those can all be done outside!

4. Create a designated space: Whether it is a home office, a second bedroom, or even the kitchen table, take the time to set up a space that is specifically for you to work from. This will help you stick to your routine, continue to separate work and home, and maximize your efficiency when sharing the space with other people as well. Make sure to clean this space up every day so that you are telling yourself that work has ended and home time can begin.

5. Get social: You don’t have to have a hallway chat or a Hiroba lunch date to check in with your team. Use social media or a collaboration app to keep the socializing going, or get real old school and pick up the phone! Make sure to keep checking in with each other on a regular basis, these uncertain times can bring added stress and it can do wonders to be reminded that we all have a village around us.