Jay Whitehead (chair, Drama; BFA – Dramatic Arts ’05) is the founder and artistic director of Theatre Outre, a professional theatre company in Lethbridge Alberta. Jay and his team, made up of many Fine Arts alumni, had a busy summer performing, premiering new works and winning awards.

In April 2019, Theatre Outre won the Downtown Innovators Awards at the Celebrate Downtown Lethbridge Awards April 2020. Theatre Outré has the following faculty, student and alumni connections:

-          Jay Whitehead - Artistic Director
-          David Gabert (Drama Alumni) - General Manager
-          Deonie Hudson (Drama Alumni) - Resident Designer
-          Lyndsay Labrecque (New Media Alumni) - Artistic Associate
-          Erica Barr (Drama Alumni) - staff volunteer
-          Jake Rose (Drama Student) - staff volunteer

In May 2019, the Theatre Outre team was awarded the Hilton Edwards Award for Best Aspect of a production for technical presentation and direction of their production of "Like Orpheus" at the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festivalin Dublin Ireland. Other alumni involved are actor Jordan Payne, sound designer Lyndsay Labrecque and costume and set designer Deonie Hudson.

And in June, Theatre Outré hosted the world premiere of Marshall Vielle’s (BFA – Dramatic Arts ’17) Where the Two-Spirit Lives, about revitalization of the two-spirit and exploring Vielle’s connection to it.