Lorenzo Bachman-Conrad is building an impressive resume and strong network at uLethbridge.

Meet Lorenzo | Program: Bachelor of Management (BMgt)
Major: Computer Science | Minor: New Media

How have your professors affected your education?
"All of the incredible faculty in the Dhillon School of Business (DSB) have helped add a critical and creative component to my problem-solving abilities. It’s safe to say that all the DSB faculty have made important contributions to how I view the world around me. The Computer Science department showed me an entirely new way of thinking. I look forward to each new computer science class I take, as the possibilities in this field are endless."

What have you enjoyed most about uLethbridge?
"The personal connections I've made with professors, staff, fellow students and industry. The University’s close relationship with local industry provides incredible opportunities for co-op studies, applied studies, and potential future employment. I toured larger universities prior to applying to uLethbridge and found many of them, due to their size, simply lack this advantage in comparison with uLethbridge’s incredible programs."

What experiential learning opportunities have you taken advantage of?
"I started as a lifeguard for Horns Recreation at the University, and now provide marketing support for the department. It is incredible to work for the same institution where you learn. I am a teaching assistant in the Dhillon School of Business, and love having the opportunity to help students make connections and apply course concepts in a new and exciting way. I was also working on a textbook with one of my instructors, but it was put on hold because of COVID-19.

By working on campus, I apply what I am learning in the classroom to my various roles at the University. It’s like a feedback loop, where I make direct connections from the classroom to my workplace. This adds incredible value to my educational experience."

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uLethbridge computer science student Lorenzo Bachman-Conrad