The global header of the website is getting an upgrade in the coming weeks.

What's changing?

Currently, the global header hides the search bar in a dropdown, and many people aren't aware of the links hidden there too. We've simplified this into one header, no dropdown required!

The revised header (the upper branding and navigation section) for

The new utility navigation bar and search box will make it quicker to search the site and easier to find the tools commonly used on campus. There is a new design for mobile as well.  

New content in the header

We collected search data from the website and used knowledge of applications used on campus to create a prototype of the header. We used this prototype to gather feedback from users, which informed these new links:

  • Bridge
  • Campus map
  • Directory
  • Library
  • Moodle
  • Webmail

Questions? Is something missing?

Please email