“I feel the CDMP course opened up new opportunities for me and made me better at my current job.

Bryson Duda knows a thing or two about collecting, filtering and processing information. After all, he works in Information Systems at the University of Lethbridge’s library.

But it wasn’t until he took the Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) program that he understood how to truly harness the power of that information.

“Assessment and analytics are a big part of my job, so I took the program primarily to learn more about Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Website optimization was another big draw for me,” says Duda, who completed the course in August 2020 and wrote the exam required to gain digital marketing certification the following month.

“I feel the CDMP course opened up new opportunities for me and made me better at my current job. I’ve definitely gotten the most mileage from SEO. Search engine discoverability now factors heavily into my web development work whereas it wouldn’t have even been a consideration prior to taking the course.”

The program, offered online through uLethbridge’s Calgary Campus, is comprised of 10 modules, including content, email and social media marketing, as well as paid searches, and display and video advertising. Duda said learning something new with a group of like-minded people was the best part of the program.

The final part of the class was a group project wherein we created a marketing plan for a local business. I don’t have fond memories of group projects from high school or university, but this felt entirely different. The small team that I worked with was excellent, and the project was rewarding to complete. It made me wish that there were more opportunities to collaborate with other groups on campus like that.”

Although Duda initially felt that juggling the coursework with his career and family life would be overwhelming, he found that, thanks to some time-saving tips from the instructor, he managed to excel.

“Make sure you leave yourself enough time to watch the instructional videos for each module. There’s quite a bit of content there, but the instructor’s suggestion of setting the playback speed to 1.5 times was very helpful,” Duda says.

“When I was taking the course, it felt like a lot to handle on top of my regular job, but in hindsight it was definitely one of the biggest highlights for me from that whole year!”

To learn more about the Certified Digital Marketing Professional program, visit the University of Lethbridge’s Calgary Campus.

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